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16FEB2013 Aligot!

Luca invited:
Dear friends,
it is my pleasure to invite you all to a nice evening at my place to taste a delicious dish prepared by Hugh (some of you may know him already).
The dish is about a lot of cheese, potatos and sausage.
I attach a link for your convenience:
The max number of friends we can feed is 10, therefore we will accept only the first 10 that will reply YES to this kind invitation AND come to the dinner.
You will just need to bring your best smile, some wine and please no heavy desserts, better just some light ice cream or hot spirits to help our stomachs 😉
I and Hugh look forward to receive the quickest 10 of you and have another amazing evening at my place!
See you soon!
Luca & Hugh

In the elevator. I am not sure if I understand why? Why would someone lit an fire in an elevator?

Potatoes are smashed with a special tool


that’s how well smashed potatoes should look like!

cream, and more cream


mixing it well

and always check the consistency – this is NOTHING

add more cheese



hmmmmmm – sooo tasty!

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Dinner at Pairi Daiza for AED

This was the invitation e-mail, the formal followed a day later

Chers amis,
Nous organisons le 14 septembre à Pairi Daiza un grand dîner pour soutenir l’association AED que mon amie Syvie André Dumont a fondé il y a 10 ans pour aider les enfants et mères infectés ou affectés du Sida au Burkina -Faso.
Sauver déjà la date ! Ce sera l’occasion de nous revoir
Vous pouvez nous aider en faisant partie du Comité d’Honneur ( voir lettre ci-jointe)
Je vous remercie de votre soutien.
Avec toutes mes amitiés

Pairi Daiza is about one hour south-est of Brussels.





after a nice walk through the wonderful park


we arrived at the Asian house where we had dinner



and a charity auction


we had the pleasure to have members of the royal family at the dinner







at this beautiful place