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Photoresk – Brussels Photography on Balloon’s Day Parade

The web-site says:
“the Balloon’s Day Parade will invade the streets of Brussels to the sound of its accompanying brass bands. Escorted by the Police parade and folklore groups, the route of the Balloon’s Parade will once again set off from the Comics Festival and end up at the Place De Brouckère. Come and discover the new parade balloon while it’s being inflated at the Place des Palais!”















































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09MAR2013 Photoresk – Brussels Photography – going to Tournai (the Belgium Burning Man?)

History and Carnival: Photoresk – the Brussels Photography going Tournay

Tournay, the 2nd oldest Town of Belgium (after Tongeren). The picturesque medieval city center. The beautiful market place, the the river Escaut (“Schelde” in Dutch), some UNESCO world heritage sites and –
Carnival? Yes, Carnival!
When nearly everywhere in the rest of the world the carnival season is over, the inner part of Tournai is closed for traffic to celebrate carnival. Probably a good idea to wait ’till spring and definitely something not to miss while in Belgium. Details about the carnival in Tournai can be found here (in french)

There was an parade starting at 14:30 at four different places heading towards the centre. This was be a fantastic opportunity to take great picture of Belgium habits 😉 and the city.

We took the train from Brussels central at noon and returned to Brussels at around 20:00. Trains Brussels – Tournai are ever hour.

Easy by train – Brussels, Turnay every hour, one hour ride


Gare Tournai

guarding the monument

green meets techno

Die Schlümpfe

girls dancing everywhere

this Pharaoh in the confetti rain

carnival doggie

what’s standard in Brussels can be considered as costume in Tournai


every car has powerful confetti cannons




three super nanni’s






South wallonian shoe design



colours, colours


better more




is this “serious picture taking”?


oh, sorry, my French is not perfect… 😉

a Viking

another one

and the female too






to keep warm…

the the river Escaut (“Schelde” in Dutch)


seen before?




remember those Bunnies?

thank you!



lovely music everywhere

again – thank you for the pose!



and you too!


mysterious ballony

getting colder

drink and drive!

yes, it’s a whoopy

up, up in the sky


later – they will burn

he is doing it now already

the parade continues






reaching the centre



the beer for 1,50 EUR

carnival can be a serious business

now – burn, burn, burn




now it’s burning














you could feel the heat even from the distance


ok, back home to Brussels…. and plan the next Photoresk meet-up

If you want to learn more about Photoresk – Brussels Photography, check out this site:




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If you want to learn more about Photoresk – Brussels Photography, check out this site:

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Brussels Photography going Monschau

Took the group to the German Village of Monschau. By public transport! Yes – its possible and easy. The train from Brussels to Eupen, the bus from Eupen to Monschau.
Long waiting times at the SNCB ticked counter – lucky those who purchased ticked only or just bought it on the train (no surcharge)

Suddenly deer appeared ..

we had a nice picknic (not showing wine and cheese) while on the train to Eupen


Everybody getting the photo gear ready

the deer are back, selling drink and food stuff

the smiles are free




taking the bus Eupen – Monschau (30 minutes drive)

icy windows

Happy Shuttercounts on tour

we had to climb the last 20 meter

to reach Monschau

narrow streets


and German Sausages

for everybody


but still ok.

a Christmas tree to big for a picture

a wide angle lens did work better

Monschau was a center for silk and cotton processing

yes, it’s Santa Claus

something (with sugar apart) against the cold

a river running through Monschau



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Car Free Brussels

Once a year there is the car free day all over Europe. This time the Sept, 16th

Heading to the centre to meet my Happy Shuttercount photo friends.

While waiting for the tram, a nice view of the town-hall of Schaerbeek.   It’s quite in the quarter.

because everybody is already in the centre. Seen a very cool ‘undercarriage’ / walking system!
in Brussels you see comic strips everywhere around!

time to chat

flying coke bottle shooting!

not really  😉

a summer day


short visit to an antique store.

tandem bicycle

now the chocolate monster ant the chocolate shop at Sablon

and the first chance to try my new/old portrait lens (thank you 😉

in a few seconds, I will have turned and another second later this small biker will hit my left heel (we’d sort it out 😉

taking the metro to change location

we, and out cameras are getting some attention.

Brussels is so nicely mulit-cultural


If the Taxi business is not running well, they paint it yellow and plant something in it

not really

everybody is enjoying the weather and the ‘owning the street’

we visit the Ateliers Mommen!

one of the hidden treasures in Brussels.



bikers have taken over – if you think  this looks like uncoordinated masses in motion, you’re probably right