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17FEB2013 Terracotta Army: a spectacular reconstitution of the terracotta army of the first emperor of China

Exhibition of the warriors, horses and chariots of the famous terracotta army of the first Emperor of China in Brussels.

very nicely made expo in Brussels

also some mystical lamps

ordinary worriers

worked in the details



all weapons were stolen

hierarchical fight order


even life-size horses


changing light







small sculptures

decent colours


worked to the detail

the mystical frog

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16FEB2013 Aligot!

Luca invited:
Dear friends,
it is my pleasure to invite you all to a nice evening at my place to taste a delicious dish prepared by Hugh (some of you may know him already).
The dish is about a lot of cheese, potatos and sausage.
I attach a link for your convenience:
The max number of friends we can feed is 10, therefore we will accept only the first 10 that will reply YES to this kind invitation AND come to the dinner.
You will just need to bring your best smile, some wine and please no heavy desserts, better just some light ice cream or hot spirits to help our stomachs 😉
I and Hugh look forward to receive the quickest 10 of you and have another amazing evening at my place!
See you soon!
Luca & Hugh

In the elevator. I am not sure if I understand why? Why would someone lit an fire in an elevator?

Potatoes are smashed with a special tool


that’s how well smashed potatoes should look like!

cream, and more cream


mixing it well

and always check the consistency – this is NOTHING

add more cheese



hmmmmmm – sooo tasty!

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Protected: Vendredi 15FEB a Venalte

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Protected: 2 Feb 2013 – Daytrip Museum Ludwig, Köln – David Hockney

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February 1, 2013 – ART TRUC TROC

ART TRUC TROC at BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts

they say, it’s THE BIGGEST EXHIBITION / EVENT OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN BELGIUM ! (including photography)

One photo in exchange for a year of private piano lessons by a teacher at the music conservatory

Interesting, It’s really art trade. Visitors write their offer on a sticker.

Sometimes those offers seem to bee really valuable, but sometimes it would not even cover the production cost…..
Many photographs of different quality, not so much sculture and others.

The entrance to BOZAR is on the left. Looking at Galerie Ravenstein.

A queue for the truc troc museum and party night

.. part of the guerilla knitting project ?


lost or art?



stickers with the offer



funny dimensions

at least – not only photos













I now the place from which the picture was taken and wonder if the small house is gone…













Interesting projects Technology

Project: RACE – the status display used at Formula 1 GP of Luxembourg

Only six weeks time to develop and install the status display for the ‘holy grail’ of the Formula 1 race: Race Control.
Connected to the radio system, the display system ‘RACE’ showed the realtime position of the support vehicles (R-Car, S-Car,Rescue, Fire etc.)
An very exciting project done by C.S. (c-7)


Race control

My assistant!

the perfect view

Race Control


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Moto Retro Wieze 9 & 10 february 2013

Quote from the site:
“Moto Retro Wieze next edition 9 & 10 february 2013. Special café racers exhibit. Old motor bikes, yellow stained manuals, shiny head-lights? Enthusiastic collectors of old motorbikes and accessories. You can find it all at Moto Retro. Sell or exhange. Just for the fun, the excitement and the smell of nostalgia. Or are you looking for that one missing part. And perhaps you might want to buy the old motorbike you always dreamt of. Moto Retro is the place to be. Each year thousands visit the old motorbike jumble for its atmosphere and the encounters with the genuine die-hards.”

a small village in Belgium

hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts

big space




and crome



need contact?







uff, too much




and a lot of over – much to much. Was even new not so good…

a beatuy






Dinner Food

Die speziellen Abende in Brüssel

Menschen, die das Kochen, Essen, Trinken und Plaudern lieben treffen sich von Zeit zu Zeit

An dem letzten Tag im Januar 2013 irgendwo in Brüssel


und Wurzeln für das Dessert

Tomaten für die Vorspeise

fleißiges Schnibbeln

der Kamin (ja, viele Wohnungen in Brüssel haben das) wird angeheizt




Knoblauch muss sein

das werden die Spiegeleierchen

sorgfältig die Oliven achteln

die Wurzeln

für das Dessert