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Photoresk – Brussels Photography on excursion to Henri Cartier Bresson exhibition in the beautiful old Abbey of Stavelot

Henri Cartier Bresson Exposition in the wonderful Abbey of Stavelot, one of the oldest in Belgium (founded around 650) located in the beautiful area in the south-east of Belgium. It will be an one day excursion.





we arrived hungry



yummy, pizza
















detour on the way back



and even longer detour… 😉
to Namur



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02MAR2013 Photoresk going Museum Night Brussels

Brussels museum’s open from 19:00 to 01:00.
Photoresk met at 19:00 at the MIM (Music Instruments Museum) and ended at 00:00 at Autoworld (after 5 hours museum too tired for the after party starting at 02:00)




wonderful instruments





at 22:00 people still cueing (we got our ticket at the internet)

we ran unexpectedly into a fashion design show

and the models where happy to pose at this public event

nice designs


nice venue





later – Autoworld!


not only beautiful vintage vehicles but also flying artists



happy landing


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New Year 2012-2013 Brussels Firework Photographies – the making-of

The making-of
We are already at the second day of 2013. After I posted a few of the firework pictures to facebook, I’ve got some questions how those pictures were done.
Here is a short making-of.

The plan
I’ve planned to take nice pictures of the firework but and not to spend the first minutes of the year behind the camera and to have a nice Yew Years party.

Automatic shooting
All the pictures were taken automatically while I was enjoying a nice glass of champagne, watching the fireworks and party.

The smallest camera did all the work
Even I carried a lot of gear (those who know me, know the story) to the friends place where we had this nice view, the most impressive pictures came from the Canon Power Shot S90, not from the Fujiifim  X100 nor the Nikon D300. The Canon S90 is very similar to the G9 but is lighter, has less controls and no optical viewfinder. Even after surviving some minutes underwater in a river in Thailand, my G9 died recently its final death after an plane crash – that’s why I took the S90.

Tell me your secrets
I’ve put S90 on a small tripod (normally I don’t recommend those, but in this case it was ok), set ISO to 200, f7.2 and 5 seconds exposure and started the motion-detection / lightning detection script.
Motion-detection / lightning detection script – what the heck?
Since a few years, there is an modified software available for the Canon Power Shot cameras. It is some kind of ‘un-official’ and not supported by Canon. It installs on a memory card (which can be a bit tricky) but really worthwhile the effort.
It provides a lot of interesting features, like pre-defined functions for bracketing or specific RAW settings but also the possibility to create user defined scripts, accessing the camera functions and much more.
You find more details here: 

As mentioned before, the setup was ISO to 200, f7.2 and 5 seconds exposure, RAW format and using the fast lightning / motion-detection script. This scripts releases the shutter each time something significant happens in the view of the camera. Even you can set different thresholds or specific areas, I left it with the defaults.

Go and take the pictures, I’ll have a drink
The firework lasted 20 minutes. The Canon S90 took automatically roughly 60 pictures with a “good” rate of nearly 50% and a “woow” rate of maybe 15%-20% (I stayed with the default set-up).
In the meanwhile I had at least three glasses of Champagne and plenty of “Happy New Year Kisses”.

What came after
There was minimal post-processing, mostly limited to little contrast enhancements  and cropping.

Happy New Year 2013!!!

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Brussels Photography going Monschau

Took the group to the German Village of Monschau. By public transport! Yes – its possible and easy. The train from Brussels to Eupen, the bus from Eupen to Monschau.
Long waiting times at the SNCB ticked counter – lucky those who purchased ticked only or just bought it on the train (no surcharge)

Suddenly deer appeared ..

we had a nice picknic (not showing wine and cheese) while on the train to Eupen


Everybody getting the photo gear ready

the deer are back, selling drink and food stuff

the smiles are free




taking the bus Eupen – Monschau (30 minutes drive)

icy windows

Happy Shuttercounts on tour

we had to climb the last 20 meter

to reach Monschau

narrow streets


and German Sausages

for everybody


but still ok.

a Christmas tree to big for a picture

a wide angle lens did work better

Monschau was a center for silk and cotton processing

yes, it’s Santa Claus

something (with sugar apart) against the cold

a river running through Monschau