Finally I start blogging !

doch nun, in welcher Sprache? Deutsch ist für mich leicht, doch das verstehen manche meiner Freunde nicht. Französisch? Das verstehen andere nicht (ich auch nicht so gut 😉 ).
Bleibt englisch und manchmal deutsch.
It took me some years to start a block myself 😉
I have install the first Content Management System nearly 20 years ago but this was something different.
Wordpress was quick installed on a server and up and running within less than one hour (the wordpress guys exaggerate, when they say 5 minutes – you need at least ten).
I already feel the benefits of blogging. Instead of annoying my colleagues and friends with my story’s, I’ll put them here. Who wants can take them or just leave it. Seems to be a good thing.
And the real, real important story’s – those I will still share with people close to me 😉