Photography walk

Car Free Brussels

Once a year there is the car free day all over Europe. This time the Sept, 16th

Heading to the centre to meet my Happy Shuttercount photo friends.

While waiting for the tram, a nice view of the town-hall of Schaerbeek.   It’s quite in the quarter.

because everybody is already in the centre. Seen a very cool ‘undercarriage’ / walking system!
in Brussels you see comic strips everywhere around!

time to chat

flying coke bottle shooting!

not really  😉

a summer day


short visit to an antique store.

tandem bicycle

now the chocolate monster ant the chocolate shop at Sablon

and the first chance to try my new/old portrait lens (thank you 😉

in a few seconds, I will have turned and another second later this small biker will hit my left heel (we’d sort it out 😉

taking the metro to change location

we, and out cameras are getting some attention.

Brussels is so nicely mulit-cultural


If the Taxi business is not running well, they paint it yellow and plant something in it

not really

everybody is enjoying the weather and the ‘owning the street’

we visit the Ateliers Mommen!

one of the hidden treasures in Brussels.



bikers have taken over – if you think  this looks like uncoordinated masses in motion, you’re probably right