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Brussels Photography going Monschau

Took the group to the German Village of Monschau. By public transport! Yes – its possible and easy. The train from Brussels to Eupen, the bus from Eupen to Monschau.
Long waiting times at the SNCB ticked counter – lucky those who purchased ticked only or just bought it on the train (no surcharge)

Suddenly deer appeared ..

we had a nice picknic (not showing wine and cheese) while on the train to Eupen


Everybody getting the photo gear ready

the deer are back, selling drink and food stuff

the smiles are free




taking the bus Eupen – Monschau (30 minutes drive)

icy windows

Happy Shuttercounts on tour

we had to climb the last 20 meter

to reach Monschau

narrow streets


and German Sausages

for everybody


but still ok.

a Christmas tree to big for a picture

a wide angle lens did work better

Monschau was a center for silk and cotton processing

yes, it’s Santa Claus

something (with sugar apart) against the cold

a river running through Monschau