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Moto Retro Wieze 9 & 10 february 2013

Quote from the site:
“Moto Retro Wieze next edition 9 & 10 february 2013. Special café racers exhibit. Old motor bikes, yellow stained manuals, shiny head-lights? Enthusiastic collectors of old motorbikes and accessories. You can find it all at Moto Retro. Sell or exhange. Just for the fun, the excitement and the smell of nostalgia. Or are you looking for that one missing part. And perhaps you might want to buy the old motorbike you always dreamt of. Moto Retro is the place to be. Each year thousands visit the old motorbike jumble for its atmosphere and the encounters with the genuine die-hards.”

a small village in Belgium

hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts

big space




and crome



need contact?







uff, too much




and a lot of over – much to much. Was even new not so good…

a beatuy