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Brussels Photography going Monschau

Took the group to the German Village of Monschau. By public transport! Yes – its possible and easy. The train from Brussels to Eupen, the bus from Eupen to Monschau.
Long waiting times at the SNCB ticked counter – lucky those who purchased ticked only or just bought it on the train (no surcharge)

Suddenly deer appeared ..

we had a nice picknic (not showing wine and cheese) while on the train to Eupen


Everybody getting the photo gear ready

the deer are back, selling drink and food stuff

the smiles are free




taking the bus Eupen – Monschau (30 minutes drive)

icy windows

Happy Shuttercounts on tour

we had to climb the last 20 meter

to reach Monschau

narrow streets


and German Sausages

for everybody


but still ok.

a Christmas tree to big for a picture

a wide angle lens did work better

Monschau was a center for silk and cotton processing

yes, it’s Santa Claus

something (with sugar apart) against the cold

a river running through Monschau



Export Photography

Playing with dimensions


A normal picture, photography is two dimensional, right? Usually it shows x and y.
To create (to take) a picture, a digital camera normally has a sensor which has also some x,y dimensions, or resolution in both axes. But not always.
In many industrial and sometimes in surveillance applications, line cameras are used. They have a resolution of, for example x=2048 but y=1 simply one line.
Two dimensional images are produced by moving either the camera or the objects or both. Those line cameras have the advantage of using much less bandwidth while being capable of providing high resolution in one axis.


Taking movies with a normal movie-camera adds another dimension, the time. In the data stream contained in a mp4 file you have x,y and elements of the time, t.
What happens if you play around a bit with those dimensions and exchange y with t to create an two dimensional image? Taking only a ‘slot’ of each individual picture and using the time component for the other axis?
Have a look at the pictures how the time transforms. It is like a hymn to the ‘slow-something’ movement. As faster the objects move as less visible they are….



The c-7 e-bike

c-7 e-bike based on Achielle

No Smoke

It was in early 2011 when I radically changed my life. From one day to the other I quit smoking. From rolling almost 20 grams of tobacco every day down to zero. Proud! Along with that, I realised that it would be good to move a bit more, not only occasionally, but ideally on a daily basis. Additionally, during this time the traffic-jams were getting worse, and I had the feeling that I was spending too much time in the car each morning.
Taking the motorcycle was not a feasible option. Too heavy in traffic and getting on- and off all the protective gear nearly ate up the time advantages gained from bypassing traffic.
Even the old but well maintained 1974 Velo Solex was not an real option, Belgium law requires to wear a helmet on this slow bicycle-like thing – if I do, I really feel like one of the foolish crash pilots from a funny Belgium comic.


Finally the idea was born to get me a new bicycle. In the local bicycle store, I directly fell in love with an vintage looking, beautiful Belgium made Achielle bike.
The shop owner made me an interesting offer while telling me that most of his customers were now asking for carbon and high tech bikes.
It was not my goal to get a bike for serious sports but to use it to go to work or downtown occasionally, the Achielle seemed to be a perfect fit on the first look. However, there was only one model in stock. This model had no gears at all. Less than ideal for Brussels, this part of Belgium is not flat, it has at least some hills.
At this time e-bikes were entering the mainstream market but they were neither beautiful nor stylish and associated with something like ‘for elderly persons only’. Ok, I am also not the youngest anymore but I think, e-bikes can, in some situations, be more efficient and sustainable people-mover than any other form of individual- or public transportation. Compared to the classical push-bike it has one bit advantage – if you’re focused on transport and not on work-out, even the untrained can reach to the office without sweating like hell 😉

No nice and stylish e-bikes

However, there was nothing I liked on the marked of e-bikes.
When I saw this beautiful Achielle bike, immediately the idea was born to convert it into an stylish e-bike. The very solid and special frame construction of this Achielle Craighton Pure was the ideal basis for the modifications.

Achielle Craighton Pure as basis

An 150 VA engine was quickly installed in the front wheel. The power electronics, the battery as well as some anti theft protection and the tracking device is installed in an ancient rucksack made of 4mm strong leather which is mounted in the centre of the frame. This gives optimum load balancing. For legal conformance, the system is controlled by a pedal sensor and top-speed and power is limited. Test drives showed, that I have a range of about 80km without re-charge, outperforming nearly every cyclist.

Dinner Food Photography Uncategorized

Dinner at Pairi Daiza for AED

This was the invitation e-mail, the formal followed a day later

Chers amis,
Nous organisons le 14 septembre à Pairi Daiza un grand dîner pour soutenir l’association AED que mon amie Syvie André Dumont a fondé il y a 10 ans pour aider les enfants et mères infectés ou affectés du Sida au Burkina -Faso.
Sauver déjà la date ! Ce sera l’occasion de nous revoir
Vous pouvez nous aider en faisant partie du Comité d’Honneur ( voir lettre ci-jointe)
Je vous remercie de votre soutien.
Avec toutes mes amitiés

Pairi Daiza is about one hour south-est of Brussels.





after a nice walk through the wonderful park


we arrived at the Asian house where we had dinner



and a charity auction


we had the pleasure to have members of the royal family at the dinner







at this beautiful place



Festival Kanal 2012 Brussels

Festival am Kanal.

A man floating on the canal in a paper boat.

Urban farm installed in an ISO container.

Dancers with my Friend Lisa Oe performing in the street and much more to see.

Some impressions.









































Photography walk

Car Free Brussels

Once a year there is the car free day all over Europe. This time the Sept, 16th

Heading to the centre to meet my Happy Shuttercount photo friends.

While waiting for the tram, a nice view of the town-hall of Schaerbeek.   It’s quite in the quarter.

because everybody is already in the centre. Seen a very cool ‘undercarriage’ / walking system!
in Brussels you see comic strips everywhere around!

time to chat

flying coke bottle shooting!

not really  😉

a summer day


short visit to an antique store.

tandem bicycle

now the chocolate monster ant the chocolate shop at Sablon

and the first chance to try my new/old portrait lens (thank you 😉

in a few seconds, I will have turned and another second later this small biker will hit my left heel (we’d sort it out 😉

taking the metro to change location

we, and out cameras are getting some attention.

Brussels is so nicely mulit-cultural


If the Taxi business is not running well, they paint it yellow and plant something in it

not really

everybody is enjoying the weather and the ‘owning the street’

we visit the Ateliers Mommen!

one of the hidden treasures in Brussels.



bikers have taken over – if you think  this looks like uncoordinated masses in motion, you’re probably right


Flying Photography Technology Things UAS

UAS-Model (UAS-M) recovered after loss of control and subsequent crash

BäumeI am using a small Unmanned Aerial System Model (UAS-M) for Aerial Photography. The world looks different from above. Carrying a modified Canon allows automatic serial capture of images. The first test flight with the new folding frame was successful. The flight behaviour was excellent and the system would become back-pack transportable. A load test and camera flight was conducted after this initial test. After approx. 5 minutes of flight, height ca. 50 meter AGL, distance 100 meter control was lost. Several attempts were made to re-gain control but neither manual nor GPS controlled coming home did work. The platform kept hoovering slowly away. Hight control did still work but the platform was over a corn field and at this point in time an emergency landing in the field seemed not to be a viable option. However, instead following it on the ground, time was wasted with attempts to re-gain control. The platform kept moving away towards a wooded valley and sight was lost approx. 20 minutes after take off at a distance of ca. 800 meter.
The valley is covered by a dense forest with some meadows, a abandoned rail-road and a little river. A small road with not much traffic (5-10 vehicles / hour) leads through it.

During crash
automatically taken during decent/crash

When the sight to the UAS-model was lost, the actual position could only very roughly estimated. The tolerance could be a a couple of hundred meter in either direction with high trees, water and a steep hill. Furthermore it was nor clear if it came down immediately or kept flying for some minutes more.
At this time the chance to recover the UAS-model was close to zero. Neither the 5GHz video link nor the autonomous GPS/GSM tracking device, which could have reported the actual position through a telephone call/SMS were installed.
Dense woods and even a small river in the valley.
Nevertheless, we had to do ‘something’ and started the search by driving through the valley by car. Already after five minutes we were lucky to pick-up the signal from the telemetry downlink! We interpolated the closest distance / strongest signal by driving up and down the road and finding the mid-point between the points where the signal was getting weaker and got finally lost. Now we were again optimistic and – while stopping the car at the estimated closest point to the crash-zone of the UAS-M we already thought about some strategies for a systematic search considering the time left for battery power for the telemetry and also getting the ropes for recovering it from a tree.
What than happened was a real surprise. While getting out of the car, we switched off the remote control. This forces (if not damaged) the UAS-M to switch on the loss-of-signal-warning beeper. And this was exactly what happened. We could hear the sound! The UAS-M had come down just two meter beside the road in the grass! Not on the road and not in the trees nearby! A almost perfect landing. Only damage: one broken boom!

recovery. It went down three meter beside the road

The post incident analysis showed the following: The rubber-studs on which the electronic components are mounted, failed and the complete electronics module with GPS, giros and accelerometer dis-integrated from the frame, leaving the module only connected by the electric wires to the battery and motors. Surprisingly this did not lead to an immediate crash. The UAS-model drifted out of range, the “GPS coming home on signal loss” did not work probably because the electronics part was freely moving. However, the height control was not affected, the platform stayed, controlled by barometric pressure, at the same flight level (over the valley at about 90m AGL) until the main power was insufficient to keep the UAS-M airborne.




Finally I start blogging !

doch nun, in welcher Sprache? Deutsch ist für mich leicht, doch das verstehen manche meiner Freunde nicht. Französisch? Das verstehen andere nicht (ich auch nicht so gut 😉 ).
Bleibt englisch und manchmal deutsch.
It took me some years to start a block myself 😉
I have install the first Content Management System nearly 20 years ago but this was something different.
Wordpress was quick installed on a server and up and running within less than one hour (the wordpress guys exaggerate, when they say 5 minutes – you need at least ten).
I already feel the benefits of blogging. Instead of annoying my colleagues and friends with my story’s, I’ll put them here. Who wants can take them or just leave it. Seems to be a good thing.
And the real, real important story’s – those I will still share with people close to me 😉